HAZEL RICKETTS – New Co-Director of Music at St Mary’s, Fordingbridge

We are delighted that Hazel has been appointed Co-Director of Music at St Mary’s, Fordingbridge, to succeed Clive.  Hazel is a Music Teacher, choir director, organist and enthusiast for Church Music and, especially, young people – we hope she will also be able to work in our schools.  I’ve put a little bit about her below, taken from the Wareham Choral Society , which she conducts.  She will start in early November.  Gary.


Hazel Ricketts lives in Salisbury. She has a music degree from the University of Surrey and an MA in Musicology from the University of Southampton.

Hazel works as a freelance musician in the Salisbury Area, working largely within church music.

She runs a monthly singing group at St Birinus Church, Morgan’s Vale, introducing new and modern hymns to the group which are then incorporated into church services, and plays for services (piano or organ as needed) both monthly at St Birinus, and as required at several other churches in the area.

Other work includes accompanying music exams, and, on a voluntary basis, working with the local RSCM committee organising and running events.

In addition, Hazel is the Conductor of Castle Singers, which is Hampshire County Council’s work place choir; a mixed ability group who meet once a week in their lunch hour to sing for fun. Their repertoire is diverse, including Renaissance Madrigals through to modern popular music, mainly in 4 part harmony.

She is also a peripatetic keyboard and piano teacher for Hampshire Music Service. teaching individual and small groups of up to 4 children, and a Teaching Member of Salisbury Area Music Co-operative, teaching the piano and clarinet to children aged between 6 and 11 at three schools in the Salisbury area.

Hazel also teaches from home; piano, clarinet and theory, and pupils have ranged in age from 6 – 71.


Gary is leading a trip to see the ten-yearly (delayed from 2020) Passion Play in Oberammergau, South Germany, in May 2022. Details on the website, and leaflets in Church. Ask if you’d like to know more, or are thinking of coming – it will be a wonderful week.



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We have for some years offered a Cycle of Prayers for our two Church Schools of Breamore and Hyde.

We have a particular commitment to pray for them, however, it is good to pray for all of our schools, and the suggestions below will work for all, primary or secondary.

The other schools in the AVC are Fordingbridge Infant and Junior (Federated), Hale Primary (Federated with Breamore and Hyde), the Burgate School (Secondary), and Forres Sandle Manor (Independent).

They are offered for your use.



SIMPLIFICATION – Should the four Parishes of the Avon Valley Churches become one?

At the end of last year, the Simplification Working Group was given the task by the four PCCs of considering whether the AVC would be better served with one PCC, rather than four.

The documents below summarise where our conversations have led us, and are offered to the PCCs and wider congregations for their consideration.  The PCCs will each take a formal vote on the Proposal for the Avon Valley Churches to become one Parish by September 21st, 2020. 

The Summary Document gives an outline of the proposals.

The Simplification Booklet is the full set of papers. which are the result of all of our discussions on different areas of our life togehter.

Do make your views known to your PCC Members over the next couple of weeks.

Hyde PCC has proposed the following Consultation Process:

  • Sunday, September 6th, 11.00a.m., a Meeting in the Church Building or Church Centre, after the Morning Service, for those who would like to be there in person.
  • Friday, September 11th, 4.00p.m., a Meeting outdoors, for those who would not feel comfortable coming into the Church Building or Church Centre, but are not able to access Zoom easily.
  • Friday, September 11th, 5.00p.m., a Meeting on Zoom, for those who would not feel comfortable coming into the Church Building or Church Centre, but can access Zoom.
  • That will be followed by a PCC Meeting, on Monday, September 14th (Holy Cross Day) at 7.30p.m., in the Church Centre, but with the facility for any members to attend by Zoom (video, or by telephone) if they would prefer, at which the Simplification Proposals will be voted on.

Members of any of our congregations would be welcome to join in any of the consultations, and if anyone would like any further consultations, please let us know.  I, Jon Whale, and members of the WG, are very happy to discuss the proposals with individuals or groups; and people are still welcome to make submissions by e-mail, post, phone, or in person, if they have questions to which they cannot find the answers.

I would like to thank Jon Whale and the Simplification Working Group for the many hours they have spent discussing and interrogating the documents, and for the way in which differences of opinion have been so carefully dealt with along the way.

If you have any concerns about this process, do be in touch with me.

Canon Gary Philbrick Rector

Are you interested in leading Worship, or Pastoral Care, or Care of the Environment, or helping Others to Pray? If so, this might be for you – BISHOP’S COMMISSION FOR MISSION

Are you a lay person? Would you like some input for your existing
ministry, or do you feel that God might be calling you to serve in some new way? More interested in learning from otherswho are passionate about their ministry than in getting a formal qualification? Want help to see how your sense of calling might grow, or how you might develop your ministry? Then Bishop’s Commission for Mission could be for you.

The Bishop’s Commission for Mission, which will be delivered on-line in the Autumn, is a great way to explore a new area, and see whether that is where you are being called.

There are introductory and closing sessions, and six evenings, all on-line.

In the autumn we are offering Creation Care, Prayer Champions, Pastoral and Worship.

It would be great if we could fill those courses to their limit with people from the AVC.

(And, eventually, when our new Worship Pattern (originally planned to be launched on May 1st) begins, if we are to sustain that pattern, we need lots of Lay Worship Leaders -at least 5 new ones, and preferably more!!!)

Full details and dates of the Autumn 2020 Programme, with dates, are here:


Videos explaining the 4 BCM Streams are here:


If you think any of this might be for you, talk to Gary or any of the Staff Team – and we can put you in touch with some of our current dozen or so BCMs so you can see whether this might be the right next step for you.

Canon Gary Philbrick