Bishop’s Commission for Mission

 The Diocese of Winchester have launched their Autumn Term BCM Programme.  If you are a lay person who is involved in ministry in your local church, or perhaps feeling a call from God to become more involved in ministry in your local church then BCM training might be for you. They aim to equip and inspire lay people to become more confident in their service within their church and community, growing in understanding that you are indeed a valuable part of the mission of God in His world.

This autumn term there are four BCM programmes (the opening and closing sessions and perhaps one mid term as ‘in person’ training in locations in Winchester.  All other sessions will be held online.

BCM Creation Care for those who want to help their churches take more steps towards caring for God’s Creation. 

New – BCM Children & Youth Ministry for those who are involved in leading groups in any form of youth or childrens ministry.

BCM Prayer Champions for those who feel a calling to see their churches become ‘a house of prayer’ and want to help others grow in confidence in prayer. 

BCM Worship for those with a heart to lead others into the presence of God. 

Full details are available at

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