All are welcome to attend any or all of these Services.

On October 7th there will be a day of Celebration of Ministry as the two new Benefices (Groups of Parishes) which comprise the New Forest North Group Ministry are brought into being.

The New Forest North Group Ministry.

 The Benefice of Ringwood with Ellingham & Harbridge and St Leonards & St Ives.

 The Benefice of Fordingbridge and Hyde and Breamore and Hale with Woodgreen (The Avon Valley Partnership).



 From 8.30, Breakfast at All Saints’, St Leonards & St Ives, BH24 2LS, followed by…

9.15, Holy Communion with the Archdeacon of Bournemouth, as we pray for the new Benefices and the events of the day.

 11.00, Induction by the Bishop of Winchester of the Revd Matthew Trick as Vicar, and the Licensing of the Revd Ian Whitham as Associate Minister, and the inauguration of the new Benefice of Ringwood with Ellingham & Harbridge and St Leonards & St Ives at the Church of Ss Peter & Paul, Ringwood, BH24 1AW, followed by refreshments.

 2.00, Licensing by the Archdeacon of Bournemouth of the Revd Nicky Davies as Associate Priest in the Avon Valley Partnership,with special responsibility for the Parish of Breamore, at the Church of St Mary, Breamore, SP6 2DF, followed by drinks

 4.00, Induction by the Archdeacon of Bournemouth of the Revd Canon Gary Philbrick as Rector, and the Licensing of the Revd Rachel Noël as Assistant Curate, and the inauguration of the new Benefice of Fordingbridge and Hyde and Breamore and Hale with Woodgreen (The Avon Valley Partnership),at the Church of the Holy Ascension, Hyde, SP6 2QJ, followed by Tea.




 – I thought you would like to know some of the latest news from the Partnership:

  • The Pastoral Scheme which we have been talking about over the past year has now been approved, so Hyde Parish will be joining the Avon Valley Partnership (Ellingham and Harbridge Churches will be joining the new Benefice of Ringwood with Ellingham & Harbridge and St Leonards & St Ives).  We will begin working together as the new AVP from August 1st, although it won’t legally come into operation until the Induction and Licensing Services in early October – possibly Saturday 7th – keep the date free!  We will be four Parishes and seven Churches, and for the first time Hale and Woodgreen Parish will be called that (it’s always legally been ‘Hale with the Charfords’ until now).


  • At Breamore, having successfully completed her Curacy, the Revd Nicky Davies has been appointed Assistant Priest with Special Responsibility for Breamore, and will be licensed on the same day.  The Breamore Post is 1 1/2 days per week, and she will combine that with her wider ministry across the AVP, and especially in Hale and Woodgreen.  Congratulations to her, both for the completion of the Curacy and the new appointment.  We are, of course, delighted that she will be remaining with us for the foreseeable future in her new role.


  • New Curate – Some people will have met Mike Trotman one on of his recent visits to the Partnership.  Mike is an Ordinand at Wycliffe College in Oxford (training alongside my son Craig, as it happens), and we are delighted that he has been appointed Assistant Curate here from July 2018.  He already knows the Partnership, having worshipped here before College, and the family have visited several times int he past few weeks.  We will get further chances to meet him, his wife, Heidi and their children, Sam and Phoebe, over the coming months before they move here next June.  Mike will introduce himself in the Magazines in a month or so, after his summer placement.


  • In the Church Office, sadly, Marie Gray is resigning at the end of September, for personal reasons not connected with her work.  We shall greatly miss her, and there will be the opportunity to say farewell at the end of August.  We are speedily reviewing the way the Office works, now that Hyde is joining the Partnership, so that we can advertise and reappoint soon.


  • Bishop’s Commission for Mission – two people from two Parishes are signing up for the BCM training course in the Autumn – one as a Lay Worship Leader, and the other on the Pastoral Course.  It would be great if others felt able to join as well – we need people who are trained in leading worship (some Sundays we will have up to 10 Services in the new AVP), and in pastoral ministry – parish visiting, etc.  Ask any of the Ministry Team if you would like more details.


  • Benefice of the Future – we are the Pilot Benefice for the Southern half of the Diocese for a new project to support the mission of the Church in rural Parishes called ‘Benefice of the future’.  This is supported by finance from the Church Commissioners (central Church funding), and is very exciting.  None of us really knows what this means yet – but it will become clearer over the coming months.

I hope you will agree that there are a lot of interesting and exciting things happening at the moment.


Lent begins on March 1st – Ash Wednesday.

It’s a great opportunity to learn, to pray,k to review our lives and our spiritual journeys.

We have an extensive programme of events – services, study groups, Lent Lunches and more.

We suggest that you tap in to the events which will help you keep a ‘Holy Lent’ – but the idea is to use the space creatively during Lent – not to feel you have to attend everything.

Click HERE for the programme, which is also available in the Parish Magazines or in Church.


EVERY MAN REMEMBERED – WWI Commemorations on the centenary of their deaths

WWI Centenary Commemorations-October and November 2017 – Fordingbridge

WWI Centenary Commemorations-October 2017 – Breamore

Come and remember those who died in the First World War on the centenary of their deaths.

All the Services in Fordingbridge are at 11.00a.m., at the Memorial Gates, Fordingbridge Rec, and those at Breamore at 7.00p.m. in the Church.

All very welcome.

If you are attending as a family member, we would be interested to hear from you beforehand.

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