On behalf of the Deanery of Christchurch.

Encourage everyone to take part, saving 40 pence daily for the 40 days of Lent (Sundays don’t count!) = £16 + £4 Gift Aid (for taxpayers) = £20 .

Details and Jar Wrappers for printing are available on the link below:×1024.jpg×724.jpg


Dear All in Christchurch Deanery:

We’ve had distressing news of the continuing drought in Kinkiizi, Uganda – see pictures overleaf and the message from the Diocesan Secretary below.

People have been very generous with the Hymnathon recently, and Gill Tybjerg from the Deanery will be taking some extra money from Deanery funds specifically for the drought with her when she goes next month.

However, if anyone would like to make an extra donation, we would need to know by Monday, July 3rd, so that she can take it with her on Friday 7th.

Please also remember Kinkiizi Diocese in your prayers.

Canon Gary Philbrick, Area Dean

From the Diocesan Secretary of Kinkiizi Diocese:

To all our development partners and well wishers

Christian love and greetings from the Diocese of Kinkiizi in Kanungu District, Uganda, East Africa to all our development partners and well wishers.

We thank you for your continued support for our Ministry to God’s people.

We are writing to bring to your kind attention the adverse effect that the prolonged drought has seriously caused to our people in Uganda and Kanungu District in particular some people have already started dying as a result of hunger. We fear that if nothing is done urgently, many more people are going to die. Schools may not operate up to the scheduled time of second term because of lack of food.

There are very many families affected but we would like to provide support to the most needy families with beans, posho and rice.

Each of these items is estimated at the cost of Ugx 3,000= (Three thousand shillings only) per kilogram today. We do not know what the cost will be tomorrow as it is changing every other day. As a church, we feel we cannot sit back while our people are facing this great challenge.

We will appreciate any kind of support towards our efforts to mitigate this challenge facing us today.

We have attached photos showing the extent of the effect of the drought on our crops.

We thank you for your positive response to our appeal.

Yours in Christ’s service.

Rev.Can.Bernard Bagaba

Diocesan  Secretary. Diocese of Kinkiizi

Our sufficiency comes from God (2Cor.3:5)