How to find St Mary’s Church, Hale

Hale Park, Hale Lane, Hale, Nr Fordingbridge, Hants, SP6 2RF

Travelling from Breamore, through Woodgreen.

Follow the road through Woodgreen, going past the Horse and Groom pub on your right, St Boniface Church, the Village Hall and the Village shop all on your right.

Continue following Hale Road, over the cattlegrid and out of Woodgreen.

There is a road off to the left, continue straight on, signed towards Hale and Redlynch. Ignore the turning on the right too.

Continue until you spot a house on the left, and a discrete wooden sign in the hedge. Turn left into the driveway, and follow the long driveway. (It will feel as if you are driving onto private property. This is OK, you are going the correct way.)

When you come to the main Hale House, continue following the driveway straight on, past the house.

There is a small sign on the wall, pointing the direction.


Travelling to Hale Church from Hale or Redlynch

Follow Hale Lane, continuing past Hale School and the Village Hall. It feels as if you are driving out of Hale.

There is a sharp left hand bend, and you will see the driveway to Hale House, and a noticeboard for St Mary’s Church, Hale.






Turn right into the driveway, and drive towards the house.

As you get closer to the house, turn right and follow the lane around past the outbuildings. There is a small sign on the wall pointing the direction.


Follow the lane round


There is a car park when you reach the end of this lane. Park your car and then follow the steps to make your way to the church.

It’s well worth finding it. At the end of your journey you are rewarded with the beautiful St Mary’s Church, Hale