The clergy of the Parish are very happy to support the families of those who have died by preparing for and officiating at Funeral Services for those who either lived in the benefice, or had a strong connection with us.

The Funeral Service can either take place in one of our Churches, followed by burial or cremation, or can be at only the Crematorium or Cemetery Chapel.  We are very happy to talk through the possibilities with you.

A number of people like to do some preparation for a Funeral Service in advance, either for themselves or for a member of their family, and the clergy are very happy to meet to discuss the plans you would like to make, either if you are ill and think that you may need a Funeral Service soon, or while you are still well, and are hoping not to need our services in this respect for many years.

Suggested Readings for Funerals

Every funeral service is individual, and we would like to work with you to make the service as appropriate a possible for your loved one. Choosing the right words for the service is an important part of that, and we have suggested a number of readings, both scriptural and from other sources, which might be fitting. These are only suggestions, and you might find other appropriate words, or you might prefer to compose something yourselves, either to be read by a member of the family or a friend, or by one of the clergy.

Click here for  information on the Interment of cremated remains.

Burials can take place at

 To give you an idea of the costs involved, click here for the Church of England Statutory Fees 2014.