Looking for your Family History?

Historical records and information for the Avon Valley Churches

Are you researching your family history?

This is a complex process that can lead you on a wild goose chase across the world!

Here at the Avon Valley Churches we want to be able to help you as much as we can.

On this page you will find details about the information we hold within the three Parishes and importantly,  the information we do not.  This doesn’t mean that your journey ends here.  We have compiled some suggestions of where to go next should you find the information we hold is not enough.

If you wish to locate a specific grave in the churchyards, wish to carry out a register search, or have other general enquiries, please contact the Church Office, as we have churchyard plans for some of the Churches which may be of some help.

We hope you will find what you are looking for.

What we have:

A list of Memorial Inscriptions for St Mary’s Church, Fordingbridge.

What we do not have:

We have no old records in the Parish – they are all held in the Archives at the Hampshire County Records Office

Looking for Stuckton Cemetery?

It is worth your noting the difference between the two areas of Stuckton Cemetery – the area around the old chapel is Churchyard, and is contained within the records of Fordingbridge Parish Church.  The newer area, to the left of the main path, is a Civic Cemetery, looked after by Fordingbridge Town Council – details at Fordingbridge Town Council

Helpful links

Click here for: Hampshire County Records Office

Address: Sussex St, Winchester SO23 8TH. Phone: 01962 846154