Ian Newman

Churchwarden - Fordingbridge

Ian grew up in Fordingbridge and after attending Fordingbridge Primary School went to Burgate Secondary before going to Brockenhurst College. Ian attended St Mary’s Fordingbridge from an early age and was baptised when aged 13.

He went on to learn the Funeral Directing business managing a business in Salisbury for 14 years before he and his wife Janet, a Fordingbridge girl who he met and married at St Mary’s, started their own family Undertaking Business in 1988. They have two children Sarah, now a teacher at Breamore School and Mark who is in the family business.

Ian joined Fordingbridge PCC at the age of 18 and has been the Verger at St Mary’s Fordingbridge since 1986, he was Churchwarden from 1981–1986, has been Lay Chairman of the Deanery, a member of the Bishop’s Council, Lay Chairman of the Diocesan Synod for 12 years and now a member of the Bishop’s Council, the DAC and Chairman of the Diocesan Finance and Loans Fund. In April 2019 Ian became the Churchwarden at St Mary’s Fordingbridge for the second time.