Easter Vigil

A very special evening service on Saturday, marking the start of Easter. The Paschal candle was lit from the fire outside, and then we all lit candles from this special Easter candle, carrying the light into church. A lovely chance to welcome in Easter together, as the light came into church and we saw the wonderful flowers and Easter Garden, and read the stories and sang, and renewed our baptismal promises together.

Alleluia! Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

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Good Friday Walk of Witness

On Good Friday, people gathered at various churches around Fordingbridge, and then two crosses were carried from either side of the town and brought together in the centre. A service was then held in the centre of town, with people from many different churches joining in prayers, reflections and songs to mark Good Friday.

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Cathedral Eucharist

On Maunday Thursday Gary, Nicky, Rachel and Ian went up to Winchester Cathedral to take part in the Cathedral Eucharist and blessing of the oils.IMG_2066 IMG_2069 IMG_2071

Care Rings

We had a lovely tea at the Rectory on Palm Sunday, with our Care Ring Coordinators and Parish Visitors, to help get our new Care Rings Pastoral Care Scheme started for St Mary’s Fordingbridge & St Giles, Godshill. We know how important pastoral care is in our communities, and there’s a lot of of care already happening; we would like that to be extended to everyone in our congregations. Our framework for pastoral care in Fordingbridge & Godshill is as follows: if you are a regular member of our congregations at Fordingbridge or Godshill, you will be part of a small Care Ring, with a Care Ring Coordinator. The Care Ring Co-ordinator’s role is to keep an eye on those in their groups. They will let the Clergy and Parish Visitors know if anyone is known to be sick, hospitalised or missing from church for some time. In the coming month, your Care Ring Co-ordinator will make contact with you, and give you a small book of prayers and a letter explaining Care Rings. If you have any questions, or haven’t found your Care Ring Co-ordinator by the end of the month, please speak to one of the ministry.

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