A do for the loo!

‘Spending a penny, swapping Smarties for coins and a tasty cake sale to fund Toilet Twinning’

St Mary’s Church, Fordingbridge are flushed with success after raising more than £300 for Toilet Twinning. They have twinned 6 of their loos with latrines overseas, in countries such as Uganda, Nepal and Bangladesh

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Their enthusiastic fundraising has just started this September and included a cake sale, collecting coins in Smarties tubes and spending a penny when you ‘spend a penny’! It will enable Toilet Twinning, a partnership between development agencies Cord and Tearfund, to help some of the 2.5 billion people worldwide who lack decent sanitation.


During our launch service in September, everyone joined in heartily as we sang the toilet twinning song. We even had a loo in the service! We had filled our special toilet (it was new!) with Smarties tubes. Everyone at church has taken a tube home, to enjoy the chocolate, and refill the tube with coins to help raise further funds for Toilet Twinning.


We are so excited by the initial launch, that we are sharing this opportunity with others across Fordingbridge. We hope to make Fordingbridge a Toilet Twinned Town! Every mdsc_0019inute a child dies from diseases linked to unclear water and poor sanitation; 60 per cent of all rural diseases worldwide are caused by poor hygiene and sanitation. We hope that by raising awareness and working together to raise funds, we can help to solve a serious problem around the world.



To find out more about Toilet Twinning or to twin your own loo, visit www.toilettwinning.org