The ‘Bishop’s Permission to Preach’ (BPP) is a three-term course of training, arranged by the Diocese of Winchester, which authorises people to Preach (as well as usually leading non-Communion Services of Worship) across the AVC.

The closing date for applications is May 31st, and the commitment is one evening a week during term time, along with occasional seminars and preaching, etc.

Julian Sims from the AVC did the course last year and found it very inspiring – we could put you in touch with him, if you or anyone else would like to know more.

If you think this might be for you, then be in touch with us – the PCC of each Parish must nominate you for the course; or you might want to suggest it to someone else, for whom it might be appropriate.

Here is a video which introduces the course:

Do get in touch via the Contact Form on the website, or the Church Office, or speak to any of the Staff Team, if you want to know more.

Canon Gary Philbrick, Rector of the Avon Valley Churches.