Are you interested in leading Worship, or Pastoral Care, or Care of the Environment, or helping Others to Pray? If so, this might be for you – BISHOP’S COMMISSION FOR MISSION

Are you a lay person? Would you like some input for your existing
ministry, or do you feel that God might be calling you to serve in some new way? More interested in learning from otherswho are passionate about their ministry than in getting a formal qualification? Want help to see how your sense of calling might grow, or how you might develop your ministry? Then Bishop’s Commission for Mission could be for you.

The Bishop’s Commission for Mission, which will be delivered on-line in the Autumn, is a great way to explore a new area, and see whether that is where you are being called.

There are introductory and closing sessions, and six evenings, all on-line.

In the autumn we are offering Creation Care, Prayer Champions, Pastoral and Worship.

It would be great if we could fill those courses to their limit with people from the AVC.

(And, eventually, when our new Worship Pattern (originally planned to be launched on May 1st) begins, if we are to sustain that pattern, we need lots of Lay Worship Leaders -at least 5 new ones, and preferably more!!!)

Full details and dates of the Autumn 2020 Programme, with dates, are here:


Videos explaining the 4 BCM Streams are here:


If you think any of this might be for you, talk to Gary or any of the Staff Team – and we can put you in touch with some of our current dozen or so BCMs so you can see whether this might be the right next step for you.

Canon Gary Philbrick

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