Churches Opening for Prayer and Worship – updated

Churches Open for Prayer and Visiting

We are delighted that the majority of the Vaon Valley Churches are now open prayer and visiting, with appropriate hygiene measures in place.

You are welcome to go to the Church for peace, prayer, visiting, etc. – you are responsible for your own hygiene precautions, as we cannot guarantee that all of our visitors will take handwashing and other necessary measures.

The following Churches are open:

(Hyde Church will follow once the interior works are complete, round about the middle of July, and Godshill at a later date.)

Churches Opening for Worship

The Government has announced that public worship may resume from July 4th – and that includes weddings.

The latest advice from the Church of England is here:

Further advice will follow from the Church of England in the next few days.

Once we see that advice, we’ll make decisions about when to resume worship in our Churches – which we’re very much looking forward to.

There are going to be many people who will not feel comfortable returning to enclosed spaces over the coming weeks, and I’m certain that we’ll continue with our on-line offerings even once worship resumes in our Churches.

Further details will follow.

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