COVID 19 – Interim advice

Dear All,

We are now in the next phase of Covid-19 planning, after the Government’s rather sudden announcement yesterday.

I hope by Thursday afternoon to send out definitive instructions, after consulting with staff and others, and when the C of E has updated its advice.

We’re thinking about what to do about Worship – it may be suspended altogether, depending on the C of E advice, and we are looking at ways in which a Service could be streamed – either from one of the Churches, or from a home.  There are various ways of doing this.

We’ll think about meetings, including the Annual Parish Celebrations – we’re looking at Zoom, as an online conferencing tool through which we can meet, and anyone can join in the conversation.

And we’re thinking about how we can offer appropriate pastoral and community care.

There may be other aspects of our life together which need thought, and which I haven’t considered yet.

As throughout this crisis, no one should feel under any pressure to do anything with which they are not comfortable; and we are taking the best advice we can find, without going overboard.

There will be ways in which we can continue to pray together, to serve our communities, and to deepen our own pilgrimages with God.

It may even be that a period of enforced leisure will allow us more time for reading, praying and thinking – which will be a good thing.

There will be many consequences for individuals, families, businesses, and schools – and we need to offer what support we can, and to pray for healing and safety in this difficult time.

I’ll put any further advice, on our website.

Thank you all.

Blessings and Best Wishes,
Revd Canon Gary Philbrick,

Rector of the Avon Valley Churches

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