COVID-19 – The Rector’s Pastoral Letter

Gary, Rector of the Avon Valley Churches, has written to all of our congregations to inform them of how we shall be continuing as the Churches of the Avon Valley in the coming weeks.

2 Comments On “COVID-19 – The Rector’s Pastoral Letter”

  1. Mike

    Thanks Gary. Your online service looks fine as did your video. Pity that it requires joining Facebook which we are not happy to do. Best wishes for success. Alice and Mike

  2. Gary Philbrick

    Dear Mike,

    Glad you liked the Service.

    I’m told that if you go to our Avon Valley Churches website, and click on the Facebook link at the top right below the header that you can see the Services without having to join Facebook.

    We are looking at using other platforms.

    And if you were to join Facebook, and set all the Privacy settings to the highest level, never posted anything, and never accepted friends, you shouldn’t have any data issues.


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