EPIPHANY GIFTS – A talk by our Girl Bishop

Kate Daykin has been our Girl Bishop from Advent to Epiphany this Christmas, and this is the talk she gave at the Allsorts Service on Epiphany Sunday, January 7th, 2017 (Posted with her parents permission).

My sister Florrie likes to play hide and seek with both my brother Ian and me. The game normally starts with either myself or Ian hiding, whilst the other one helps Florrie count to 10. Florrie loves then finding where we have hidden. It is then Florrie’s turn to hide, and I can guarantee that Florrie always choses the same hiding place where I have just hidden. I will count to 10, and then tell her that I’m coming to find her, this is when you start to hear giggling. I will look in a variety of different places first, whilst her giggles get louder and then head back to the hiding place where I had previously hidden, to find Florrie giggling and jumping out to greet me. This game can be very repetitive and boring for a 10-year-old but my 3-year-old sister loves it, and loves to be found.

Florrie turned 3 on New Year’s Day, and with the help of my Grandma Daykin I made Florrie an Olaf finger puppet from the Disney film Frozen. Florrie loves Frozen, it is a story about the power and meaning of sisterly love. It took me lots of time and care to make the finger puppet and I was so pleased with the puppet I had created. On the morning of Florrie’s birthday, she was so excited to open her presents, and she had a large selection of presents in all shapes and sizes, but I couldn’t quite believe that Florrie chose the small present that I had made for her to open first, saying, ‘this one is from you Kate’. Florrie eagerly opened it and it made me feel so happy when she opened it to see the excitement and delight in her face in receiving her new finger puppet. Florrie quickly put it on her finger and pretended she was Olaf. In seeing Florrie open her present and the happiness this brought her made me think how happy it made me feel and how I love receiving presents too. For Christmas, my Granny Amos gave me a bobble hat, my Grandma and Papa gave me a purple gillet and my Grandma and Grandad gave me a Lego Friends hot chocolate van. I loved all of these presents but thinking back I think I may have had more pleasure and happiness seeing my sister open her present that I had carefully made for her, rather than receiving my presents.

Thinking about giving made me think of the 3 Wise Men and their journey to Bethlehem. The 3 Wise Men wanted to find Jesus and followed the star to find their way to Bethlehem, I want to find Florrie in hide and seek but follow the giggles and knowing where I last hid to find her. I think both Jesus and Florrie want to be found, and love being found. The 3 Wise Men brought precious gifts to Jesus, and I think Jesus would have liked his gifts like Florrie liked her finger puppet I gave her. I think this will have brought pleasure not just to Jesus but to the Wise Men too. The process of giving brings so much pleasure, whether it be giving time to someone, for example me playing the repetitive and boring game of hide and seek with my sister, or giving an actual present, like Florrie’s Olaf puppet. Giving in itself is actually a gift to both the sender and receiver, and the bible teaches us that giving is an act of worship and we will be more blessed if we give.

Would anyone like to see Olaf?


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