HOLY WEEK WORSHIP – April 5th-12th, 2020

WORSHIP – Every day at 10.00a.m. – As we are unable to our Churches at the moment, we’re providing on-line worship.  Every day at 10.00 there is a ‘Thought for the Day’, and on Sundays, at the same time, a Sunday Service.  These can be found in one of three ways – all called ‘Avon Valley Churches’:  on the Facebook box on our website (you don’t have to join Facebook to see these), on Facebook itself, or on our new YouTube Channel – again, you don’t need to sign in to use YouTube.

If there is a Sunday Service Sheet, it is also on our website, and sent out with the Partners link – which means you can pray the Service at any time, or print/view a copy to join in with the video.  We’ll also try to send out copies of some of the ‘Thoughts for the Day’ by e-mail, when these are available.


Palm Sunday, April 5th: As well as the 10.00 Holy Communion, there is a Palm Sunday Service at 6.00. 

Monday of Holy Week: ‘Thought for the Day’ at 10.00; 7.00p.m., Prayer Round the Cross.

Tuesday of Holy Week: ‘Thought for the Day’ at 10.00; 7.00p.m., Sung Compline.

Wednesday of Holy Week: ‘Thought for the Day’ at 10.00; 7.00p.m., Worship & Reflection.

Maundy Thursday, April 9th: ‘Thought for the Day’ at 10.00; 7.00p.m., Maundy Thursday Communion.

Good Friday, April 10th: ‘Thought for the Day’ at 10.00; 2.00p.m., Service at the Foot of the Cross.

Easter Eve, April 11th: ‘Thought for the Day’ at 10.00; 8.00p.m., The Easter Vigil.

Easter Day, April 12th: THE EASTER COMMUNION AT 10.00a.m.

All are welcome to any of these Services.

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