Sarum college events: “Murder in the Cloisters”, “Great Grandmothers of Jesus”, “Greek in a Week!” & “Guided Retreats”.

Murder in the Cloisters
Author Kate Charles on why crime novels with church backgrounds are so enduringly popular. Tuesday 5 July at 6.30pm, tickets £4 in advance or £5 on the door

Reading Scripture Together: Great Grandmothers of Jesus
Why does Matthew mention four women in his genealogy of Jesus? What do those women tell us about who Jesus is and how we can follow him? Thursday 7 July

New Testament Greek in a Week
If you have ever wondered what lies behind the text of an English Bible, why different Bibles translate the text in different ways or wanted a better understanding of the Greek terms theologians love to use, then this week is for you. Monday 25 to Saturday 30 July

Individually Guided Retreats
An extended time of prayer and inner silence undertaken with the support and guidance of an experienced retreat facilitator. Monday 15 to Thursday 18 August and repeated Monday 22 to Thursday 25 August

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