SIMPLIFICATION – Should the four Parishes of the Avon Valley Churches become one?

At the end of last year, the Simplification Working Group was given the task by the four PCCs of considering whether the AVC would be better served with one PCC, rather than four.

The documents below summarise where our conversations have led us, and are offered to the PCCs and wider congregations for their consideration.  The PCCs will each take a formal vote on the Proposal for the Avon Valley Churches to become one Parish by September 21st, 2020. 

The Summary Document gives an outline of the proposals.

The Simplification Booklet is the full set of papers. which are the result of all of our discussions on different areas of our life togehter.

Do make your views known to your PCC Members over the next couple of weeks.

Hyde PCC has proposed the following Consultation Process:

Members of any of our congregations would be welcome to join in any of the consultations, and if anyone would like any further consultations, please let us know.  I, Jon Whale, and members of the WG, are very happy to discuss the proposals with individuals or groups; and people are still welcome to make submissions by e-mail, post, phone, or in person, if they have questions to which they cannot find the answers.

I would like to thank Jon Whale and the Simplification Working Group for the many hours they have spent discussing and interrogating the documents, and for the way in which differences of opinion have been so carefully dealt with along the way.

If you have any concerns about this process, do be in touch with me.

Canon Gary Philbrick Rector

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