‘The Church’ is open, even though the ‘Churches’ are Closed – COVID-19

Canon Gary Philbrick, Rector of the Avon Valley Churches

Following the latest advice from the Gorvernment and the Church of England, very sadly our Church Buildings now have to remain closed until further note.

However, The Church is very much still open and working hard to maintain our patterns of Worship and Service in different ways.

Our Worship is broadcast every day at 10.00 – Services, sometimes including Communnion on Sundays, and a Thought for the Day on each of the other days.

These can be found via this website (Click on the FaceBook link – you don’t have to sign up for FaceBook), via the Avon Valley Churches FaceBook page, or via the Avon Valley Churches YouTube – just search for (you might have guessed by now!) Avon Valley Churches – and soon also via Twitter.

Do join us, join in, comment and share these Services.

We are also keeping in touch with our congregations via Care Companions (sometimes called ‘Care-Ring Coordinators’), by telephone, and by e-mail (you can sign up for our weekly newsletter, called ‘Partners’ from the front page of the website).

And we are part of the efforts in Fordingbridge and the surrounding villages to care for our wider communities, and especially those who are more vulnerable to the worst effects of Covid-19.

Do continue in Prayer with us, be in touch if there is any way in which we might be able to help, and contact us via the website if you need to know anything.

A Covid-19 Prayer, written by Canon Roly Riem, Vice-Dean at Winchester Cathedral:

Lord Jesus,
Who in your earthly life
Bore our grief and carried our sorrows,
Stand with us, we pray,
In our fear, distress and uncertainty.

Draw near to all who are suffering;
Strengthen those who care for them;
And guide those involved in research.

Lead us all, through the depths of the cross,
to the height and joy of resurrection.

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